Harbor Lounge

In the heart of HarborFest, you were able to relax in the Harbor Lounge located in front of the main stage. Attendees kicked back in an Adirondack chair or sat at a picnic table to listen to the groovy beats from the Main Stage.  Thank you to our sponsor Tosso for providing fun games like corn hole,  tumble tours, ladder golf and giant chess!


Tosso.com is a San Diego based eCommerce company that sells outdoor games. Our motto is ‪#‎HaveMoreFun and we do that on a daily basis. Follow along with us as we explore San Diego, play our great games and most of all have more fun!


PetOasisPet Oasis & Expo

Thank you to the 50 plus pet parade entrants! We hope you and your favorite furry friend enjoyed the day at Bayside Park! Congratulations to our 2016 HarborFest Pet Parade winners:

Best Nautical Theme: Sir Ruffles Von Vicious (Owner: Jan)
Cutest Pet: Sakari (Owner: Joy Nora)
Best Owner-Pet Duo: Bailey (Owner: Mary Caraway)
Best Chula Vista Outfit: Bella (Owner: Debbie Hegmann)
Most Outrageous: Odie (Owner: Lorraine Donner)
Councilmember Pamela Bensoussan’s Choice: Julio (Owner: Cecy)


Extreme Sports Area

IMG_0203Giant Hamster Balls (Xorbing)

Additional fees apply.
Xorbing is the fastest growing outdoor adventure sport! Everyone who participated had a blast in this area! They ran, jumped, bounced and battled their friends for an incredibly fun and crazy experience!

ParachuteParachute Rocket

Additional fees apply.
Everyone who participated was lifted high into the air as the top half of the rocket inflated. They swung around and bounced off the walls on the way up…then after a brief moment of being suspended at the top, riders parachuted down and stopped just before reaching the bouncy floor.

lasertagLaser Tag

Additional fees apply.
Laser tag outdoors? That’s right! Equinox provided military grade laser tag gear that is designed for the sunlight.  Games are fair for every age, ability and skill level – so everybody could play!

rockclimbRock Climbing Wall

Additional fees apply.
The first full size inflatable rock wall. This rock wall can handled up to three riders at a time. Participants climbed with assistance by helpful and friendly staff. Once at the top they rang the bell and then jumped away from the wall for an exciting repel down to the soft bouncy floor below. Fun for ages 5 and up. Parents loved seeing their kids make it all the way up and the kids loved the great sense of accomplishment they got after completing the course!

IMG_0640Bungee Jumping

Additional fees apply.
Everyone who participated experienced the thrill of bungee jumping as they flew up to 30 feet in the air on the West Coast Bungy!

On the Water Fun

SEAL Tours on the Bay

Adults $5 / Children under 12 Free
Enjoy a special South Bay Land & Sea Tour aboard the amphibious SEAL bus. These amphibious vehicles, driven by experienced captains, are specially designed and built to navigate on sea and land. Each one is Coast Guard approved and meets all passenger vehicle and department of transportation requirements to ensure safety and comfort for all. Don’t miss this exciting, entertaining adventure of a lifetime to see Bayside Park & the Chula Vista Harbor as you have never seen it before!


All ages and abilities can learn to kayak! Chula Vista Kayak focuses on individual needs and abilities. If you don’t know how to swim, that’s OK! You’ll learn the basics to be efficient and safe on the water. Properly fitting life vests and the right size paddles will be on hand!

IMG_0546Stand Up Paddleboarding

Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
OEX Point Loma is excited to have this beautiful location right on the water for on-site demos, rentals, tours, a full service school – plus an all-inclusive store to buy your own gear and equipment.


Hours: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Come fish at the pier! Our expert fisherman will demonstrate how to reel a line, cast, & catch a fish. To make it even more interesting, a hoop will be placed in the water and participating kids will be able to cast a rubber ball out to the hoop. Small prizes will be awarded to those who get the ball in the hoop.

Water Rollers

Additional fees apply.
Stay dry if it’s cool outside or play with water inside the roller if it’s a hot day! Running and bouncing around on the water is a blast and great exercise!  WaterRoller

Classic Car Expo

08.16.14_Harborfest_227Thank you to all who took part in this extraordinary waterfront festival by seeing exotic & classic automobiles alongside the striking shoreline. Congratulations to our car show winners:

Councilmember Pamela Bensoussan’s Choice: Stuart Walpert – 1984 Zimmer Golden Spirit
People’s Choice: Tim Ardion – 1962 Volkswagen Notchback
3rd Place: Al Reserva – 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner
2nd Place: Rudy P. – 1965 Chevy Fleeside
1st Place: William Mayer – 1960 Austin Healy Sprite

Discovery Zone

Bubbles and Bubble Wands

Children are curious and naturally interested in science – and they’ll love this memorable experience provided by BubbleMania where learning is fun! Great for all ages and cultures, the visual presentation is filled with bubble creations that mesmerize the audience with seemingly impossible creations of shimmering, wiggling reflections of light, color and flowing liquid motion of all shapes and sizes.

Jumpy Jumps

The little ones will have a blast jumping around in three of SD Jump Company’s bouncies: the Giant 33′ Wally Whale Slide (which can only be found in San Diego!), the Pirate Ship Combo, and the Beach-themed Junior Combo!

empowerhourRec n’ Roll

Play hard, eat well and save energy! Empower Hour’s activities will be geared toward kids of all ages who want to have fun while incorporating healthy eating and energy conservation into their daily actions. Your kids will have a great time and also learn about how important it is to save energy!

frisbeegolfFrisbee Golf

Show off your precision and accuracy! Throw a Frisbee at targets on the course. If you can get from the beginning to the end in the fewest number of throws, you win!


Bump the ball around for fun, or invite a little competition on the sand volleyball court near the main stage. Music will fill the air and vendors close by will fill your cup!

craftsYouth Arts/Crafts/Fitness Activities

Make arts & crafts, jump rope, and learn about the youth fitness programs provided at the South Bay Family YMCA booth. Then head over to the City of Chula Vista Recreation Department’s Empower Hour booth to play hard and learn about eating well and saving energy!

Animal Encounters

Get hands-on experience with terrestrial animals such as tortoises and snakes, enjoy a lunchtime story time with animal guests, and create nature-themed arts and crafts with the Living Coast Discovery Center! For more information about the Center, visit www.thelivingcoast.org.

splashbusSplash Science Bus

Splash Science Mobile Lab is a completely self-contained mobile science laboratory offering kids the opportunity to learn about watershed issues by acting as scientists to solve a water-quality mystery! Through Splash Science Mobile Lab, your kids walk away with a better understanding of our environment and the ways we affect it.

IMG_0772 Sisters Payton (5) & Jordan Isaacs (5), San Diego residents, in Rad Hatter hatsRad Hatter

Looking to show off your creative side? Make and decorate your own pirate-themed hat at this fun, interactive booth!