Kula Yoga

Kula Yoga provides a fun variety of yoga for all levels, including beginners yoga, in an environment filled with good vibes. All of our classes are guided by inspiring yoga instructors that will accommodate your yoga needs. We strive to provide a healthier, happier, approach to life, on and off the mat.  Kula Yoga specializes in Vinyasa style yoga; synchronized movement through breath providing a fluid rhythm. Yoga will create balance, strength, flexibility, and stillness of the mind.kulayoga chula vista harborfest san diego summer events

30 Minute Classes (All Levels):

11AM – Yoga 101
12:30PM – Alignment 101
1:30PM – Beginner Yoga
2:30PM – Vinyasa
3:30PM – Vinyasa

Hapa Yoga

Stop by our booth and join us for FREE Yoga, Fitness and Kids’ classes on the grass! At Hapa Yoga & Fitness, we are committed to helping individuals, families and children make mindful differences in their health and well being. Our family-friendly studios offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes for all levels, kids classes and on-site child care! We call our culture “Ohana” which means family, and our studios create an atmosphere that feels like home for the entire community of clients and staff. Come to our studio located in Eastlake Chula Vista; we are dedicated to help you heal, recover and transform! Namasté

20 Minute Classes (All Levels):

12PM – Yoga with Beach Balls
1PM – Kids Yoga (parents welcome to join little ones!)
2PM – Fitness
3PM – Gentle Yoga
(mats provided or feel free to bring your own)

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